23 June, 2011


yes is is really stupid how the hell really well for a boy could love ya so confused .. ah ih I really squirt indeed from the first I do not know what love it because I'm quiet

4 hours of sleep but I could not sleep this eye can not be screwed end at 6: 30 wake up alone to the toilet is to enter into the washing machine and clothes washing for the morning prayer I had finished writing a note ... while waiting for laundry in the washing machine .. congratulations Hohoho world pretty fresh in the morning may not hurt ... it will cook the water out to make a breakfast of bread and strawberry mango peel and boiling water would brewed coffee, milk n water 1botol siapin drying clothes n I went out to buy refill cards .. and the road to taipo market rises towards Kowloon tong mtr road department moved kwuntong line moving back to Mongkok n exit c at Yaumatei meet with Sofy Sofy n chat .. sorry again confused search for a suitable employer who where? really lazy to hell but well how else is promise

crazy crazy crazy hard to really bother forgiveness really hard to understand the situation yag already occurred for this day

hard to be someone else any circumstances be yourself is better although there are many shortcomings ... bismillah .. hopefully for forever forget about the people who have hearts n mind n yah it's time should be no longer considering n even though it was a beautiful memory of all has to end .. believe this may be the best way to go for the more mature in thinking n acting .. god love me my mama always prayed for me although sometimes differences of opinion with my mom but I really love my mom .. thank you so much for praying for me mother dear dear .. my family

now must be sincere all .. ask forgiveness for what has been done ..hooh delicious meal porridge nih .. also while cooking soup while writing notes...really see my friends sad sad sad .. I also wanted to lighten the burden that he feels brought .. well I tried to make (many) laughs even though I know his heart was crying but yah ok was already a bit too happy to make it laugh today .. hehehe .. which if met (much) because he really feels wonderful friend who is very understanding .. 8 years is more friendly with him .. I'm very happy not quake 1 also makes me sad n vice versa

thank you (it) has been so long .. I hope our friendship forever

really sick if you see people who liked being alone with another woman how well I'm sad to see him with the others but how else do not know what to do? what should just let him be with the one she likes? maybe it just had to let yah .. why really tragic .. if my love is finding love but just a moment after that gone forever .. when love is not love a guy as I love a guy does not love and hold n hold .. do not know when the end somehow find true love it where? but let it be .. there is a god who will show the best way to his servants the dizzy .. I pray n try .. but he tries really hard sometimes .. but must remain weak spirit cayooo .. yes ..

if not ourselves who else will cheer ya .. god give me strength to get through everything .. nothing? intending to cry for what? to be strong should the spirit of the past do not be sad let go but it was hard ..

while listening to a song (no ivory that is not crack) do not hear that awful bored

've finished work already eaten ripe sugarcane water noodles are really delicious delicious full dzuhur pray now while waiting for laundry in the washing machine while waiting for the boss came home from the doctor check his thai2 stress also does not recover well when the recovery is speedy recovery sorry sir please him seem tired this afternoon also does not cook away from jam9.30 am the boss now has not come home I wondered what time ya return

Before, U worship me, U loved me i was your hero the one that you always love now the wheels have turned Now You despise me You left me out From your life Now I am suffering The wheels really have turned Where are your promises Sying that you'll love me till death Now you're gone while I'm alone I'm the ex lover(2x) It's hurting inside When love has left I'm the ex lover(2x) Where are your promises Faithful till I die Now you're one When I fall and alone

disappeared from a distance away from it all cry but could not because for what? the time is right why does every guy knows it very quiet

the time is right why does every guy knows it really strengthened my heart reserved for myself because I realized I was not cool with me why why I'm resentful resentful really so want to get away from everything even though sometimes there is an accompanying ingn but alas I do not draw attention to boys

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