05 May, 2011


zzzz i must be happy my self not be sad yes i know be alone but im happy not sad yess alway be happy n smile:)) have my mum n family n ALLAH SWT love me to much ALLAH SWT pasti mmberikn jln terbaik untukku:)thanks ya allah
welcome 1st may bless to me all the best my family n my friend always happy n always with ALLAH SWT.i love may.healthy lifestyle sleep well healthy food always drink water
i don't why, but whenever I listen to this song, it always makes me cry... maybe because the story of the drama is really heart touching... (49days)
i wish to see u till im crazy wish to see u badly want to forget u so badly like a fool,simple like a fool.can't forget you,i don't even dare to call you back
please forget..please forget..in a few days it will became better.cry for awhile,smile for awhile,then sleep picked up the phone again and let me down.fools all the same,just the same.
am i feeling heartsick? am i feeling depresed? itold myself not to fall in love again. please forget. please try to forget...have the determination to do it.please dont to that to me.dont do this to me..your presence in my heart becames more obvious,dont do this to me.please forget..please forget..
what do i do about missing you? 24hours a day? i really miss u right now...i miss u that i feel i could die ! but what cant i do? what am i supposed to do ?! ilove you ?!

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